After leaving school I studied Marketing and Event Management. During studying and practicing this profession I found the creative and design elements to be the most engaging. Because of this I decided to go into the field of Architecture.
There are many aspects within the architectural profession that interest me. Design, creativity and conceptualization can keep me enthralled for hours on end. That being said after having experience working on design proposals, award submissions and client specific material, the business and marketing side of architecture has also interested me. The idea of being able to sell "The Invisible Product" and convince a client that you and your skills as an architect are worth investing in, excites me!

In my post graduate studies I continued to explore different methods of approaching architectural design and improved my software skills. During my studies I was involved in many extra curricular activities. I was campus editor of my university magazine entitled "Glue".This gave me the opportunity to hone my graphical, promotional and illustration skills which I practice today as a freelance designer.
I am also proud to say I was nominated as class representative for all of the 5 years I studied Architecture. Being on the Student Council has taught me many skills. I learned how to conduct myself professionally within a large managerial structure and to work within a team to achieve the best outcome.
Travel was instilled into me at a young age as a great form of education. To fund my travels I turned a hobby into a career. I represented my country in competitive sailing and worked as a professional sailing coach for extended periods of time all over the world. These travels and experiences have exposed me to diverse cultures and their approach to design and sustainability.
As a worker I thrive in challenging and encouraging environments, enjoy a team atmosphere and always look to improve and excel in everything I undertake.

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